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Summer School Series

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To meet the challenges and opportunities of this moment, MCF launched Summer School in collaboration with visionary organizers, activist scholars, and experts to provide live events and political education that spark the solidarity we need to create a future centered on the well-being of people and the planet.

A Message from MCF President and CEO


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While some describe the threat of fascism in the United States, many are already living it.

In Texas, a man charged with murdering a protester was pardoned by the state’s governor, normalizing violence against those seeking to hold powerful people accountable.

In Mississippi, a court is ordering an independent newspaper to expose confidential sources after a story ran exposing political corruption, threatening the First Amendment protection afforded journalists.

Stephen Miller, an architect of white nationalism, raised $44 million in November 2023 to sue donors, nonprofits, and local governments that seek to correct historical wrongs by committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Across the country, organizers are being named terrorists for fighting for the sanctity of life in Palestine, the health of our planet at Standing Rock, and against the expansion of the prison-industrial complex at Cop City. The stakes could not be higher, and those of us who care about freedom—funders in particular—need to understand the history of how we got to this moment. We must also lean into the role we can play in helping fuel multiracial coalitions powerful enough to combat the forces of fascism and win a vibrant democracy and just economy.

Be part of the solution. Register now to join MCF’s Summer School: Building a People- and Planet-Centered Future.

As my team and I continue to hold Summer School events, I am more convinced than ever that political education has the power to spark the solidarity essential for creating a future focused on the well-being of people and the planet.

I hope to see you in Summer School!

In solidarity,

Dr. Carmen Rojas

Summer School

Please note: MCF Summer School sessions are live events, and recordings will not be available. Summer School is also open to reporters who can help spread the important ideas shared by panelists far and wide.

Disclose and Divest: Why This Call to Action and How We Make It Real

This session will take a deep dive into demands from student organizers across the country that their universities “disclose and divest” their investments in companies linked to Israel and its ongoing violence against Palestinians. This webinar will explore not only the history, hurdles, and successes of student-led divestment campaigns across the 20th-century; it will also assess the threats and possibilities facing these types of campaigns today. While students across the country are calling for greater transparency about their universities’ endowments, the general public still has little knowledge about the technical nature of divestment and how it works. This webinar is intended to provide both technical content and political context about today’s student-led “disclose and divest” campaigns and to explore strategies that might enhance the power of this movement.

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